Chapbook: The Mountain Cousins

“The Mountain Cousins is so wickedly original, so inventive and assured and downright strange, that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t written by a seasoned literary star with several novels under his belt. Christopher Tradowsky seems as much a descendant of Tennessee Williams and Flannery O’Connor as he does of Stephen King, and his inventive, grimly visionary story is unforgettable.” — Scott Heim 2013 fiction judge


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Christopher Tradowsky lives in Saint Paul, where he writes stories and makes visual art. He has a PhD in Art History from UCLA, and teaches at St Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. His stories have appeared previously in Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly, The Battered Suitcase, and Spontaneous Combustion. His criticism has appeared in the CAA Art Journal. See more of his visual work and read more at