Chapbook: Sixes & Sevens by Bonnie J. Morris

“Sixes and Sevens displays an often sophisticated, wry wit, an awareness of the larger world beyond a child’s/young person’s [sometimes] solipsistic universe, and handles with quiet deftness and confidence issues of ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, and gender difference (and sometimes class difference as well), without ever becoming didactic. Stylistically and structurally, too, the work ventures into intriguing territory.” —Thomas Glave, 2014 nonfiction judge



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Bonnie J. Morris is a women’s history professor and the author of thirteen books, three of which (Eden Built By Eves, Girl Reel, Revenge of the Women’s Studies Professor) were Lambda Literary Award finalists. The Schoolgirl’s Atlas won the Finishing Lines Press New Voices prize for a first volume of poetry by a woman writer. Forthcoming from SUNY Press is The Disappearing L, a critical look at the erasure of lesbian spaces and culture. In addition to teaching and writing, Dr. Morris is a historical consultant to the College Board, Disney Animation, Pacifica Radio Archives, and the National Women’s History Museum, and serves as a guest lecturer for Olivia Cruises.