Chapbook: Eastertide

“Eastertide is a fragmented story of lost and found connections, a narrative both lifelike and realistically inexplicable. The subtle turns of awareness in this telling echo the social-sexual shifts many of us who’ve spent our lives in queer worlds will remember from the late 1980s, that dimming time when AIDS was just beginning to permeate our daily grasp. This is a narrative made of small and succinctly embodied intimacies. On their own these moments are understated but strung together they form a moving portent of the coming tempest.” — Barrie Jean Borich 2013 nonfiction judge


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A life-long gardener, Paul is a horticulturist and an educator. He recently completed his MA in Liberal Studies, with a concentration in Gender Studies, at Ramapo College of New Jersey. He is currently working on a full-length memoir on family and coming-of-age as a gay man in post-Stonewall America. Cover Image: Eastertide by Charles Vasquez