Chapbook: States of Independence

“States of Independence gathers the cultural expressions of literature, cinema, art, architecture, dance and even religious ceremony in order to illuminate how all creative artifact is, at its core, a testament to human mortality. The most recognized masterpieces, Klein shows us, are but mirrors of the everyday person’s unacknowledged emotions and unfulfilled desires—gestures of beauty no less valuable because they’re silent or secretive. By turns poetic and elegiac, these wondrous reflections invite the reader ‘to love the world of what is here and what departs the world; to experience sadness without reaching for a solution to sadness; to join the sadness’.” —Rigoberto González, 2011 nonfiction judge


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Michael Klein’s first book of poems, 1990, received a Lambda Literary Award in 1993 and his second book of poems, then, we were still living, was a finalist for the award in 2011. His new book of poems, The Talking Day, was published by Sibling Rivalry Press in January, 2013. He lives in New York and Provincetown with the lovely animals Cyrus and Ruby and the lovely human, Andrew.