BLOOM 2 / Fall 2004

Cheryl B. / Rafael Campo / Mary Beth Caschetta / Angelique Chambers / Clifford Chase / Michelle Cliff / Qwo-Li Driskill / Tim Doud / Suzanne Gardinier / David Groff / Marilyn Hacker / Daniel Hall / Gail Hanlon / Reginald Harris / Christopher Hennessy / Holly Iglesias / Dean Kostos / E.J. Levy / Timothy Liu / Mary Ann McFadden / Ron Mohring / Carl Morse / Letta Neely / Mendi Lewis Obadike / Carl Phillips / D A Powell / Gretchen Primack / John Rowell / Elaine Sexton / Roxa Smith / Stacey Waite / John Weir / Tiffany Lynn Wong



Table of Contents

Mary Beth Caschetta / Hands of God
Michelle Cliff / Crocodilopolis
E. J. Levy / My Life in Theory
John Rowell / Elementary Education
John Weir / How to Disappear

Clifford Chase / The Tooth Fairy

D.A. Powell in conversation with Christopher Hennessy

Tim Doud
Roxa Smith

Cheryl B. / Reasons To Stop
Raphael Campo / Personal Mythology
Angelique Chambers / Driving and Bottom Space––A Negotiation
Quo-Li Driskill / Gay Nigger Number One
Suzanne Gardinier / Dialogue 21/The reunion and Dialogue 55/To be continued
David Groff / Milton
Marilyn Hacker / Glose
Daniel Hall / At the Nursery
Gail Hanlon / Hummingbird
Reginald Harris / The Ring Walk
Christopher Hennessey / Sick Room
Holly Iglesias / Conceptual Art
Dean Kostos / Magus
Timothy Liu / The Marriage and The Crisis
Mary Ann McFadden / Roosters and San Ignacio Lagoon, Clear Water
Ron Mohring / The Sound
Carl Morse / On a Christmas Card That Came Back Stamped “Deceased”
Letta Neely / miscellaneious Rifts on Friction––(meant to acknowledge some)
Mendi Lewis Obadike / Strut
Carl Phillips / Shadow-Land
D.A. Powell, [dogs and boys can treat you like trash. and dogs do love trash]
and [when you touch down upon this earth. little reindeers]
Gretchen Primack / Space Expoloration
Elaine Sexton / To Summer
Stacey Waite / On the Occasion of Being Mistaken for a Boy by the Umpire in the Little League Conference Championship
Tiffany Wong / Ketchup and French Fries