BLOOM 7 / Spring 2012

Lisa Alexander / Nickole Brown / Austin Bunn / Brent Calderwood / Monica Carter / Cheryl Dumesnil / Jim Elledge / Gina R. Evers / Jan Freeman / Celeste Gainey / Thomas Glave / Daphne Gottlieb / James Allen Hall / Matthew Hittinger / Alicia Shandra Holmes / Saeed Jones / Joan Larkin / Abbie J. Leavens / Daniel W.K. Lee / Chip Livingston / Bo McGuire / Michael Montlack / Miguel Murphy / Robby Nadler / Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan / Erin Roth / Eric Sasson / Maureen Seaton / Elaine Sexton / David Trinidad / Stacey Waite / Phillip B. Williams / Stephen Zerence. Cover art by Gabriel Padilha.


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Table of Contents

2010 BLOOM Chapbook Winners
Alicia Shandra Holmes / from A Small Uprising
Phillip B. Williams / Curse 6

Austin Bunn  /  Curious Father
Monica Carter  /  Seven Truths of a Woman
Eric Sasson  /  Body and Mind

Thomas Glave  /  Meditation (on “barebacking”)
Yinka Rose Reed-Nolan / They Call Us Crazy
Erin Roth  /  How to Be a Dyke: A Primer

Lisa Alexander / No Better
Nickole Brown / Ten Questions You Were Afraid to Ask, Answered
Brent Calderwood / Headless Men
Cheryl Dumesnil  /  The Heart Has Four Chambers  and  The Conception Myth
Jim Elledge / Sans Rhyme or Reason, Mister Tries to Mind His Ps & Qs
Gina R. Evers / Pomegranate
Jan Freeman / January
Celeste Gainey / in the the days of early polyester and Best Boy
Daphne Gottlieb / Henry Miller, Anais Nin, John Updike, Philip Roth and others write about sex with their HIV-positive lovers ending with lines by from Sappho
James Allen Hall / Romantic Comedy
Matthew Hittinger / If Nancy Had an Afro
Saeed Jones / Prelude to Bruise
Joan Larkin  /  Studies for a Crucifixion
Abbie J. Leavens / Ledges
Daniel W. K. Lee / Bastard
Chip Livingston / A Joyful Noise
Bo Mcquire  /  Dolly Parton, I Just Want Everything to Feel Good
and Dolly Parton, What About a Bed the Size of Texas?
Michael Montlack  /  Running with the She-Wolf
Miguel Murphy  /  Coprophilia
Robby Nadler / zubat
Maureen Seaton  /  Cradle of LIfe
Elaine Sexton / Cantilever Love
David Trinidad / AIDS Diary
Stacey Waite / Letter from Thomas Beattie to the Media
Stephen Zerance / Siberia and The Night Watch