BLOOM 5 / Winter 2007 - SOLD OUT

David Altmejd / Maggie Anderson / David Bergman / Christopher Bram / Michael Broder / Nicole Brossard / Marie Carter / Jeff Crandall / Tony Feher / Louise Fishman / Richard Foerster / Brad Gooch / Terri Griffith & Nicholas Hayes / Luis Jacob / Maurice Kenny / Juliet Latham / Eleanor Lerman / Margaree Little / Raymond Luczak / Elizabeth Macklin / Jaime Manrique / Linda Matalon / Kamilah Aisha Moon / Delisa Mulkey / Eileen Myles / Peter Pereira / Rita Mae Reese / Naomi Replansky / Adrienne Rich / Richard Tayson / Brian Teare / Bradford Gray Telford / Amber Flora Thomas / David Trinidad / Cover by Tony Feher

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Table of Contents

Christopher Bram / from Exiles in America
Marie Carter / The Woman with the Meringue Hat
Terri Griffith & Nicholas Hayes / When the Game is Over, We All Win
Juliet Latham / Borrowing
Raymond Luczak / Interpretations
Maggie Anderson / The House of Drink
David Bergman / The Embrace and The Threshold
Michael Broder / Pictography
Nicole Brossard / Signature au bas de l’aube/Signature below dawn
Jeff Crandall / Rhymes with “Love”
Richard Foerster / Sexikon
Brad Gooch / Moon River
Maurice Kenny / Jumping the Fence for Jesus
Eleanor Lerman / Suicide Bungalow
Margaree Little /  Our Power and The Woman with Small Ears Leaving
Elizabeth Macklin / The Terrorist Dynamic and How to Be Brave
Jaime Manrique / The Blue Hour
Kamilah Aisha Moon / Dig
Delisa Mulkey / Twilight at the Hummingbird Feeder
Eileen Myles / Cigarette Girl
Peter Pereira / Twenty Years After His Passing, My Father Appears to Us in Chicago, at Bobby Chinn’s Crab & Oyster House, in the Guise of Our Waiter, Ramon
Rita Mae Reese / The Plagiarist and This is Not True
Naomi Replansky / In the Woods and Death and the Exile
Adrienne Rich / Hubble Photographs: After Sappho and Sign
Richard Tayson / The Place That I Am
Brian Teare / Genius Loci
Bradford Gray Telford / Judas
Amber Flora Thomas / Bull Frog and Hood
David Trinidad / from A Poem Under the Influence
David Altmejd
Tony Feher
Louise Fishman
Luis Jacob
Linda Mattoon