BLOOM 8 / Fall 2012 - SOLD OUT

Terra Brigando / Cindy Carlson / Doug Paul Case / Joshua Charles / Niamh Corcoran / Jeanine Deibel / David Eye / d. gilson / Eloise Klein Healy / Theodosia Henney / A. Naomi Jackson / Michael Klein / Dean Kostos / Alyse Knorr / Jill Leininger / Hunter Liguore / Richard McCann / Kelly McQuain / Christopher Nelson / Karen Lee Osborne / Suzanne Parker / Kate Partridge / Peter Pereira / D.A. Powell / Anne Marie Rooney / Donika Ross / Jacques Rancourt / Michael Wolfe / Patrick Youngblood Cover art by Luciano Martinez

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Table of Contents

2011 BLOOM Chapbook Winners
Michael Klein / from States of Independence
A. Naomi Jackson / from Ladies
Jill Leininger / In the Country, Thinking of Motherhood and Seeing Other People

Terra Brigando / Ash
Hunter Liguore / The Lion Queen
Karen Lee Osborne / Brute Force
Michael Wolfe / Fermata
Patrick Youngblood / Hadrian’s Villa

Richard McCann / The Case of the Undone Novel

Cindy Carlson / Kissing and No one
Doug Paul Case / The Boxers I Stole from an Open Locker in My High School Locker Room
Joshua Charles / from even the stars fall from the wall and something like it
Niamh Corcoran / Portrait, Blue House and Epithalamion
Jeanine Deibel / Crossing and Circumvent
David Eye / Sonnet
d. gilson / Index Pa—Su, from The Britannica Encyclopedia for Homosexual Boys
Eloise Klein Healy / La Brea
Theodosia Henney / Virgin
Michael Klein / the sun in 1949
Alyse Knorr / Alice’s Evidence
Dean Kostos / Memoir
Kelly McQuain / Alien Boy
Christopher Nelson / Nightscape and A Poem about Desire
Suzanne Parker / the sparrow lifts the spent condom into the air and Practice
Kate Partridge / Language Requirement
Peter Pereira /The Closing of the Liberace Museum and Cosmic Forces Brought Us Together
D.A. Powell / All the Young Dudes
Jacques Rancourt / Wyoming
Anne Marie Rooney / A shapely life
Donika Ross / Tender and What Gay Porn Has Done for Me