BLOOM 10 / Fall 2015


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Table of Contents
Artist Statement
Mira Gandy
BLOOM Chapbook Winners
Christopher Tradowsky / from The Mountain Cousins
Paul Mast / from EasterTide
Kelly McQuain / Brave  
Christopher Nelson / Cock Fight  
Hilary A. Zaid / from the dark between stars=
Bonnie J. Morris / from Sixes and Sevens 
Andrew Holleran / Going In
Kelly Magee & Carol Guess / With Egg  
Frankie Thomas / Assumption  
Brian Alessandro / Men Were  Boys   
Amanda Krupman / Misunderstandings  
Susan C. Ryan / Nicola in the Basement  
Peter Gadol / The Monogamist  
Barrie Jean Borich / This Third of July  
Jeremy Halinen / Atlanta (2003)  
Sophie Cabot Black / The Penitent  and Psyche As Was
Ed Madden / Chosen / Commentary on Psalm 139
Liz Ahl / Water Cycle
Sjohnna McCray / Death is a One Night Stand
Lauren Strenger / camp
Christopher Davis / Anonymous
Danielle Stanard / Your Penis 
Darrel Alejandro Holnes / mon*ster
Aaron Delee / Selfie: Lot’s Wife, The Salt Lick and Suffering Succotash: Lisp
Cara Stoddard / fear, v.
Corey Thrasher / For Stephen, In Memoriam
Miguel Noh / Advice from a Young Me
B.M. Spaethe / The First Time I Use a Strap-On 
Maureen Seaton / Boulder Sonnets, with Ginsberg and Buddha and Conspiracies 
Ronaldo V. Wilson / Farther Traveler
Jake D. Sauls / Almost a Remembrance  
Max Freeman / Ode
Patrick Kindig / Dry Spell
Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez / Sisters
Marc J. Frazier / Wild Reeds 
Alexis Rhone Francher / The First Time I Made Cousin Lisa Come
Donald Platt / Like Jacob at Peniel
Natasha Dennerstein / O, Positive, 1993
B: William Bearhart / My Father, He’s a Craftsman Full of Dreams   
Kai Lawren / Gender Pollution  
Jenny George / One Hundred Love Stories and The Sleeping Pig
Rae Gouirand / With and Shame and Daughter
Nancy Bouitilier / Miss Mister at The Cutting Room and Mr. Miss Finds Someone Else’s Girlhood
Alyssa Lynee / While Watching Rizzoli and Isles  
Debbra Palmer / The Lesson
Daniel Minty / The Placebo Effect
Su Smallen / I can’t anymore tell you how it was  
Daniel T. O’Brien / Danse Macabre and Tunneling
Jill Ann McEldowney / K Names: Kyle
Alexandra Seidl / Pox
David Trinidad / c/o Peter Drake